"Duplicate Item" gone?

Why is it no longer possible to right-click on an item and select "Duplicate item" from the menu? For books or journals with many essays in them, it is now necessary to enter every detail manually (all the editors' names, the book title, the date, publisher, city etc) for *every* essay in the book, rather than duplicate the first item in full and just change the essay title, author, and page nos. I do not think this is a helpful change!
  • The option is still there and nothing regarding it has changed in years.
    What else are you seeing in the right-click menu? (this is to figure out what menu you're looking at)
  • I'm having this same problem with Zotero 5.0.60 on a Mac running MacOS 10.14.2. I'm seeing the following items in the menu:

    * View Online
    * Show in Library
    * Find Available PDF
    * Add Attachment >
    * Move Item to Trash...
    * Remove Item from Collection...
    * Move Item to Trash... [Why does this appear twice?]
    * Export Item...
    * Create Bibliography from Item...
    * Generate Report from Item...
    * Add Attachment from Source Folder
    * Manage Attachments >
    * Update citations
    * Manage DOIs ?
    * Cite in LyX
    * Better BibTeX
    * Zutilo

    Obviously I have a few plugins.
  • Start by restarting see if that fixes it. If not, disable all add-ons (for testing) and restart again.
  • Thanks! Restarting worked.
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