Wrong file opend with double-clicking item

When I double-click some item,
unintended pdf file is shown up.

I'd like to change the file to be opened with double-clicking among multiple attachments.
But I couldn't find the way.

How can I correct this?
  • What do you mean by an unintended file? Another file in your library, or another file altogether?
  • For example,
    After new zotero item added,
    I attached some files by drag-and-drop link in FireFox.
    So, the item has multiple files as
    I'd like to see file01.pdf when I double-click the item.
    But, it opens file02.pdf

    So, I tried to change this behavior, but couldn't find the way.
    Is there a way to correct this?
  • Ah, OK. Zotero has some complicated logic for guessing the one you want, but the PDF file you add first should always be chosen. If you add that one first, and then add the others separately, it should work right.

    There've been some requests to be able to choose a primary attachment, but it's never been implemented.
  • Ah- I got it.
    Thank you for your confirmation.

    I should re-attach files to get the right primary attachment, until the request is implemented.
  • Hi, I am experiencing the same problem as the OP and the proposed solution is not working for me.

    I have an item to which I have attached a scientific article and its supplementary information as two different document. I use the zotfile addon to automatically rename and move these documents to my library folder.

    The two links under the zotero item now have the same name and the supplementary file is listed first. When I detach the links and reattach the link to the article first, the supplement is still listed above the article in zotero and when I double click the zotero entry, the supplemental information opens.

    Is there anything I can do to make the article open on double click?
  • I have managed to workaround this issue by removing the second file (which was opening unintended) from the database completely. And then reattaching it to the item from the outside (by drag and drop).

    Just moving the files inside the Zotero database (in and out of the item) didn't help.
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