Harvard-Style: Sort References by year


I'm using the Englisch Harvard Style for my bachelor thesis.

Im writing with Word and want to sort references by year and not by author.

It should be like:
The sky is blue (Miller, 2009; Schenk, 2007; Graham, 2002).

Instead of this, the order is (Graham, 2002; Miller, 2009; Schenk, 2007).

I know where I can change the order of the references in the bibliography, but not where I can change the order of references in the text.

Can someone help me, please?



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    For the in-text citation it works like for the bibliography.
    If there is no sort section, you can just add one (after citation, before layout).
    Something like this (adapt to the macros in your style, of course) should work:

    <key macro="year-date"/>
    <key macro="author-short"/>
  • Hey damnation,

    thank You! I have just tried year, and it didn't work.
    I will try your solution in the afternoom :)
  • You need to check the name of the macro in the style you're using. "The English Harvard" doesn't tell us which one you were using, so damnation picked the most common macro name, but it could well be different, e.g. issued-date etc.
  • Thanks!

    I'm using this one: Elsevier Harvard (with titles).

  • In that case you want to switch
    <key macro="author"/>
    <key macro="issued" sort="descending"/>

    <key macro="issued" sort="descending"/>
    <key macro="author"/>
  • Thank you, but does this really Work?
    In both cases you use "author"?
  • It goes through them in order. For items in the same year, it'll sort alphabetically by author. And yes, it does work.
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    I've tested it and it works :)

    Thanks for the great Support!
  • Hey,

    when using different authors, sorting references by year in ascending order works.

    But how can i force the order, when using the Same author?

    e.g. Graham, 2001a,b
    And Not Graham 2001b,a?
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    Add <key variable="citation-number"/> as a third sort key to sort items by the same author in the same year by order of appearance (you could also use another variable if you like). Currently it is sorting them by the order you entered them in the citation (i.e., not sorting them in any way after author and year are considered).
  • Hi bwiernik,

    I have edited the citation. In the preview it Looks fine, but when I use it for my text, it does not work.

    I tried closing word ans zotero, but i have still the same problem...
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    What exactly do you mean "does not work"? Try to change to a different style and back in your document.

    If you still have a problem, have you changed the style ID and name in the edited style to ensure that you have selected the correct style and that the edits aren't being overwritten?
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