Option to purge group library data

Can there be an option to purge group library data?
The current setting makes it very difficult for group owners to manage storage quota.
  • The group library is currently inaccessible online.
  • Could you maybe describe what you're specifically trying to do? The principal reason to use "purge library" is to free up Zotero storage after moving to webDAV. Since that's not possible for groups, there shouldn't ever be a need to use this.

    If you don't want files synced in a group, just turn off file sharing for the group.
  • I owned a couple of group libraries which are no longer active. I needed to free up storage space so that sync can be allocated to other groups which are currently active.
  • Stored copies of the files seem to remain online (and continue to take up storage space) even after I've turned file sharing off.
  • I'm surprised that's the case (you're changing this under "Group Settings?"), but if that indeed doesn't work, you can just briefly make the group public, which will definitely remove the files, and then change it back.
  • Yes, group settings -> file editing -> no group file storage
  • @dstillman -- I can't test this well right now, but that'd seem like a bug to me, no?
  • And I also found it weird that I cannot delete any entry with attachment from Trash in my group library.
  • We're going to change things so that file attachments are deleted (after appropriate warning) when you change that setting.
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