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I was caught in the MS Word upgrade fiasco. I had to go back and change the fonts on about 300 footnotes. Now I can't get it produce footnotes in Times New. It will only cite in Times. I went through preference but I can't find a default for output. Any thoughts on this?
  • This is controlled by the Word "Footnote" style. Place the cursor in a footnote, then open the Styles pane, right-click on Footnote, and choose Modify, then make your changes.
  • many thanks. I manually changed them. How can I make sure the initial output is correct?
  • Sorry, I don’t understand your question. What do you mean by “How can I make sure the initial output is correct?”?
  • I changed all these manually yesterday to times new and all of them reverted back to time font. I want this to produce footnotes in times new. How do I do this?
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    Someone who uses a more recent version of MS word will need to give you spefic instructions but I can provide a hint.

    The font settings in the footnote (or bibliography) section aren't controled by Zotero but by Word. Go to the Word format menu and select styles (has nothing to do with Zotero's bibliographic styles). Scroll to footnotes (not "footer") and then make your font adjustment there. Save changes and you should have the appearance you desire for all future documents.

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  • I figured it out. You were right the first time
  • workaround: can be addressed by converting to endnotes before final draft, changing the font as desired, then changing back to footnotes. I found I could not make the font change via the Word style
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