[Zotfile] Permanently Add tag after 'Get From Tablet'

edited March 22, 2018
Is there a way to have an item permanently tagged after being retrieved from a mobile device?

Currently, the tags "_tablet" or "_tablet_modified" disappear once the items have been removed from the mobile device.

Alternatively, if there is another way to have a saved search that shows all items that have at some point been returned from a mobile device, that would achieve my goal.

Whilst I could have a saved search for "_annotated" for files edited on a mobile device and returned, I'd also like to include items I may have reviewed on a mobile device and not annotated.

Essentially, I want to be able to clearly differentiate between items that I have reviewed on a mobile device and those that I have not, without having to manually add a tag.

Any help to achieve this is appreciated, whether via a setting, editing in about:config or in terms of workflow - thanks.

  • No, there is no such option. I recommend that you add your “reviewed” tag as a colored tag (right-click on the tag in the left pane and choose Assign Color). Then, you can add the tag just by typing its number on your keyboard.
  • I would also welcome such an option. I do use the color tags to mark the reading stages ("2 read", "done", etc.) It would be great to avoid those extra clicks for the files that are known to be "done" once retrieved from the tablet.
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