how to make my "notes" showing in bibliography or citations

Hi, I made some search in the forum but couldn't find anything on this topic.
I have often used "notes" (those you can add with the add button in the notes tab) to annotate references. But I couldn't find any style that shows these notes in bibliography.
you can generate a report that shows these notes, but no way to make them appear in bibliography. I tried to make my custom bibliography, but if i use the variable "note" this latter shows the zotero "extra" not the "note".
what kind of variable should I use? or is there any style wich displays real notes?
  • Notes aren't available in citation styles, I'm afraid.
    I don't know if Zotero would be willing to add this (they could map to CSL's "annote" variable) but it'd be a little tricky how to handle multiple notes attached to a single item.
  • Thank Adam, well at least, now I know why they do not show in CSL. But what variable is used to make them appear in the html report? and btw where is the report template stored? is there any way to create a custom report?
  • Reports are generated straight from the database.

    I think the CSS might be accessible, but the large part of the report generation is handled directly in Zotero code.

    There used to be customization tools for reports (e.g. ) but none that I know of that are compatible with Zotero 5. You could try begging @emilianoeheyns ;)
  • I see, thanks anyhow
  • It's still on my mind, but I've been dabbling with an alternate ways to configure the plugin (I really, really hate UI work).
  • Cool, thanks for the update. I agree the UI for this has always been awkward.
  • Work has restarted on the Report Customizer for Zotero 5. Reordering doesn't work yet, but removal does. Available at
  • I would love to have the ability to add notes to the bibliography =)
    Alternatively, to have a report that just gives a basic reference for an article, and then some of the extra stuff that doesn't go into a reference (type, abstract, date added, tags in alphabetical order, etc).
    My main problem with the report is that the title is huge, and that all the authors are listed in one column, which can take up an entire page. The Report Customizer is a great start (thanks!) but I just want to have my notes that go with a reference in a report, with a page break after each reference, preferably sorted by first author. Also, world peace.

    If there is anyone who already figured this out, I would be really greatful if you'd share!
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