Journal requirements - new style?

Hello all, I am working on a paper for a journal not listed in the style repository, and they ask for a pretty different standard from the ones I’m used to (mostly Chicago).
They are fine with both in-text and footnote, it’s up to me (as long as it’s author-date), and I think I’d go for in-text, but in terms of bibliography -->

References to books should include:
- author’s full name followed by initials, separated by single space
- date of publication (in brackets), including the original date when a reprint is being cited
- complete title of the book, underlined or in italics and, where appropriate, edition (e.g. (3rd. edn.))
- place of publication.
Example (showing required punctuation):
Hardie, P. R. (1986) Virgil’s Aeneid: cosmos and imperium*, Oxford.

* the title is supposed to be in italics

References to articles in periodicals should include:
- author’s full name followed by initials
- year (in brackets)
- title of article, in single quotes
- title of periodical, underlined or in italics (where possible use abbreviations found in L’Année Philologique, anglicising where necessary).
- volume number in Arabic numerals
- number of issue if pagination requires it
- page numbers of article.
Example (showing required punctuation):
Scott, D. (1989) ‘Epicurean illusions’, CQ 39, 360-74.

Now, as I said, I can’t find anything quite like this in the repository. My questions:
1) are there any styles *more or less* resembling these requirements, that I can modify to obtain what I need?
2) most importantly, I’m not even sure I know where to start when it comes to writing a style! Can I get some help, to get started at least?
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