Permalinks in Ex Libris Primo

When I am searching literature in library catalogs which are operating with Primo software of ExLibris the library catalog is mentioned (e.g. "") in the bibliographic description of the item in Zotero. But Primo offers also permalinks for the catalog entries, which are not grabbed by the connector. Is it possible to change this?

e. g. a permalink for a book ("Human Stain" by Philip Roth) in the catalog of Freie Universitaet Berlin:

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  • Note that you wouldn’t store such a link in the URL field, as the actual full text of the item is not available from there. The only place you would want to store such a link would be as a link attachment, but I’m not sure most users would find it that particularly useful if they already have the item catalog information in their libraries.
  • We do store permalinks from other catalogs, so I'd be open to that, but it's a bit tricky with Primo in that I'm not sure there's a standard place the permalink gets stored in the PNX, i.e. the metadata.

    At the FU Berlin, e.g., it's in addata/url and in display/lds06 -- I'm not sure we can rely on that always having the same meaning
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