Email a reference (or link) to my (or group) library

Frequently I am in a public PC and would like to archive some relevant reference to my library (with or without pdf attachement), without logging in my zotero account.
Some programs, as Evernote, provide you with an email address that allows to forward its content to your own account storage. Is there a similar tool in zotero?
What would be the easiest way to feed my (or group) library without logging in my zotero account?
  • It's not really possible to add items to your library without logging into your Zotero account. However, you could install the the Zotero Firefox/Chrome connector, use it to import items to your Zotero web library, then remove it when you are done with your session.

    One other option would be to add items to a bibliography at (which doesn't require any login), create a "Link to this Version", then email the link to yourself and use the Save to Zotero button from this page when you are back at a personal computer. This won't save PDF attachments, but you can always use the "Find Available PDF" function from Zotero as needed.
  • Thanks bwiernik.
    Good suggestions that I might use in other settings. However, for my specific purpose the easiest way is just email to myself using a filter (eg. Zotero ref).
    I didn't mention also that the other utility would be to save while reading something in Mobile...are there connectors for Android browsers?
  • The Zotero bookmarklet can be used from mobile browsers
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