Import from Mendeley preserving group structuer

I had an idea to import from Mendeley while preserving the group structure.
In mendeley, there is a way to export your library with 1 .bib file per group. The option is under Tools->Options->BibTex.
In the folder that you choose, it will generate 1 .bib file per group. The file have names like "Supergroup-group.bib". You can import the bibliography while recreating the group structure from the file names
  • BibTeX export loses the folder structure, so unless they mean "folder", that wouldn't work. And a BibTeX export is also much lossier than the direct import we're able to do from the database (Mendeley's encryption aside).

    The situation here hasn't changed from what I originally said:
    It's not currently possible to import items from group libraries. I'm not sure if we'll support this, since it's not clear that we can meaningfully improve on simply copying group items to a collection in your Mendeley library before importing. We could perhaps allow group-to-group mappings, but the group would need to be recreated on the Zotero side anyway.
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