Zotero treating each repetition of a citation as if it was the first time

URGENT help please....
Essentially each time Zotero sees a citation, its as if its the first time it has been used in the text, even if it has been used before.
Or to put it another way..the citation numbers are increasing sequentially instead of repeating a previous citation when it has already been used before.

For example in my paper, I cite one article as (1) and then cite another one as (2) and then when I go to cite the first journal again, instead of calling it (1) , it calls it (3) as if its new. When you hover over it, it gives you the correct link but its just that the numbers are not correct.
I get to number 50 in numerical citations in my paper even though I've only used 30 references..!

I've made sure I have no duplications and have switched between styles (eg Chicago and Vancouver) but the problem persists!!

I'm very surprised that this issue has not cropped up before...I'm sure it has - I just can't find it!
  • Let's start with -- what citation style are you using and how are you inserting the citations. E.g. in Chicago style this is expected (since these are footnotes).
  • Thank you!
    Its actually Vancouver and in fact when I change to this the numbers are now in brackets, which is expected I know, but when you hover over the citation number you can't see what the reference is..so things have somehow gotten worse..!

  • oh and nowhere can I see the list of the references.. i had expected to see them at the end of the article
  • I have just downloaded Vancouver Superscript. All citations are now superscripted but when I hover there is no (hyper)link and there is only the first citaton reference at the end of my paper...
  • You need to add a bibliography.
  • In case anyone is interested.. I have managed to fix the repeating citation numbers by going to Word>Tools>Macro>Macros and then selecting Run ....And my references have magically appeared at the end of my paper..
    But now there is no link when you hover over the citation number in the text, so you have no idea what corresponds to what unless you manually go to the reference list..
  • That's by design. Numeric bibliographies aren't hyperlinked I'm afraid.
  • ah I see..! What a pain..maybe I could change it back to another style while I work on it and then change it back at the end..although I'm not sure I should mess with it anymore..!
    Thank you Adam for your help
  • Facepalms..the reference list at the end of the article has now disappeared.
    If I hadn't paid $20 to upgrade to extra storage I would be on Endnote already:(
  • did you ever click "Add Bibliography"
  • It only lets me "run" "Add bibliography" but then thinks I'm trying to add a citation
  • I think that you are missing something about how to easily use Zotero with Word. The video concerns author date style but the same steps apply to numbered styles. Please watch from the beginning. It seems that you may not be using the Zotero toolbar/ribbon. This shows how to activate it. At about 3 minutes the video shows how to use the toolbar to add a bibliography.

  • Yeah, you shouldn't need to run the macros from the developer tab -- something about the installation isn't right.
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