How to create a bibliography of your entire library

Dear All, I'd like to have an entire bibliography of my library without producing it from the references. is there a way? thank you very much
  • Select all the items in Zotero, right click, and choose Create Bibliography from Items
  • Thank you very much dear Bwiernik but unfortunately it doesn't work. I select all the items and then with the right click there's no such a command as Create Bibliography, just: Back, Reload, Save to Zotero as... could you be more specific or help me?
    thank you again
  • Ah. You are on Zotero is primarily designed to be used through the desktop app—the website has less functionality. You should install the Zotero desktop app from

    I don’t think it’s possible to create a bibliography for more than one page at the time on the web library. You could try—the button is at the top of the page and looks like a bulleted list.
  • Oh sure, yes, now I'm working on the app and it does work. Thank you very very much
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