Zotfile not scanning folder for new files

Hi, I've just installed Zotfile (5.0.9) and use it with Zotero standalone 5.0.56. As I understand, Zotfile can scan the downloads folder and automatically add new PDFs, rename them, and move them to a custom location. This isn't happening for me. I can manually add a PDF to Zotero, which is then automatically renamed, parent item created etc; but I have to click on the PDF, choose manage attachments>rename attachments for it to be moved to the custom location I've set.

I've chosen the downloads folder as source folder in Zotfile preferences and set the custom folder too. But it simply doesn't work. Or am I getting things wrong? Any help would be great!

  • I have the same issue, has anyone found a solution to this?
  • Zotfile doesn't do exactly what you might be wanting. It does not scan the "source" folder continuously and attach a PDF to an item in Zotero without user clicks. Here's what it can do:

    1. Allow you to attach the most recent file in the source folder to the item in Zotero you highlight, right-click, and select "Add Attachment from Source Folder". Thus, this requires additional action from the user. You can uncheck the "Ask user when attaching new files" setting in Advanced Settings (in Zotfile) if you don't want the action confirmation dialog.

    2. A more automated process is possible if you let Zotero automatically download the PDF any time you create an item from the browser connector. In Zotfile you've already configured "Location of Files" setting to custom location. In Zotero, turn ON the "Automatically attach associated PDF ..." setting (Edit > Preferences > General). Now, when you create an item, Zotero will down the PDF, move to Zotero's location, and Zotfile will take it from there and move to your custom location.
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