Annotation lost

for the newest version, I added annotation and comment on snapshot webpage. Then sync.. and then the annotation was lost. Well, this doesn't happen before. and there is another bug in the newest version. the sync crashes down every time.

Come on....Zotero developer group
  • 'close page' is to save? for snapshots annotation...!?
  • For the crash - create an error report and report the ID here, together with a description of what happened and you OS, Firefox and Zt. version.

    For Annotations - if you just synced with the Zotero server this seems odd - I wouldn't see how that process would even touch the snapshots (which after all aren't synced). I suspect something else is going on.

    And yes, the annotations are saved if you just close the plage.
  • The sync crash reportID :1404605099

    sync problem, just make zotero down

    firefox 3.0.10
    zotero 2.04b
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