Suggestion for next version: automatically changing hyphen to en-dash in page ranges

As a copyeditor, I can't say how many thousands of times I've manually changed a citation page range to replace hyphens with en-dashes. I actually do a search for all hyphens for this purpose as one of my first steps every time I open a new project. I've noticed that page ranges in Zotero are mixed...some are expressed with a hyphen and others have an en-dash. Given that en-dash is correct, maybe the next version can automatically replace hyphens with en-dashes in the "Pages" field?

Thanks for considering!
  • The latest versions of Zotero apply en-dash more aggressively. I think we've covered all but a few edge cases. If you find particular patterns that fail in current Zotero, do post a note and I'll take a look.
  • I know Zoter handles this automatically for page ranges and dates, which is great! But I have not been able to figure out a way to deal with titles that have number ranges in them. This is a very common feature of titles in my field of biblical studies where a title might include part that refers to a bible reference such as John 5:1-10. Many styles in my field expect the hyphen in those cases to be an en-dash. I have not found a quick way to enter en-dashes when manually inputting titles, and more often I am importing references into zotero with ISBN numbers or DOI's etc. In those cases I have to be careful to check the titles and manually change it.

    Is there a way for CSL to do with number ranges in titles what it already does with other fields with number ranges in them? Meanwhile, is there a fast way to enter en-dash manually in a title? I am making one in Word with a keyboard short cut and then copy/pasting it to the title in Zotero.
  • I don’t think there is a reliable way to do this in titles that wouldn’t break other cases where hyphens are appropriate.

    On Mac, you can type Alt/Opt+hyphen to get an en dash. On Windows, you can type Alt+0150. You can also install a keyboard layout that mimics the Mac behavior (I can link to one if you like).
  • hallo. is it possible to to use hyphen instead of en-dashes? in my citation style zotero changes automatically all the hyphens with en-dashes.
  • This can be set via page-range-delimiter in the citation style, yes, but for almost all cases I'd strongly recommend an en dash for page ranges.
  • @adamsmith
    Thank you for your response. But what presicely should I do use hyphens automatically intead of of en-dashes?
  • You would insert this between the info section and the first macro of the style, this is for a style in English language:

    <locale xml:lang="en">
    <term name="page-range-delimiter">-</term>
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