Avoid items showing up in root of My Library

edited November 13, 2018
I have only the default library, My Library.
Every item that I add with Zotero Connector goes there.
I know I can add collections and subcollections.

I would like that items I click&drag from My Library to anywhere else not show up anymore in My Library. Otherwise, it becomes very difficult to use that as a sorting method, as items I already "sorted" are still there.
Is that possible?

If not, is there a reasonable alternative method to sort items?

I thought about creating a "dummy" collection, and have all items go there, to use it the way I meant to use My Library.
That would be a possible workaround.
But for this to work, I would need any newly added item to automatically be added there.
Is that possible?
  • The Unfiled Items special collection in the collections list gives all of the items not in a collection. If it’s not visible, right click on My Library and select it.
  • Great. That is the answer!
  • Also, just FYI, Zotero's browser connector will add new items to whatever collection is selected. So, if you are working on a certain topic for which you have a collection and plan to drag-drop items to that collection later, just select the collection before you add items and they'll show up there (and not show up in Unfiled).
  • You can also change which collection/library an item saves to from the popup that appears when you save to Zotero.
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