Indicate suppress author from keyboard in Word plugin for 3.0

I apologize if this is answered elsewhere, but searched for an answer but couldn't find one.

Is there a way to either indicate in the QF bar to suppress author (similar to ":page" for page number) or to activate the panel in which the check box resides using the keyboard rather than the mouse?

If not, I would like to request this as a feature, as it would make inserting citations much quicker.

  • Command/control + down arrow, 3 x tab, space, return.
  • Thanks very much!
  • If anyone is searching on this and wants an easy way to automate it using a hotkey, I use Autohotkey ( and have assigned this function to Ctrl-Shift S with this bit of script:

    #IfWinActive, ahk_class MozillaDialogClass

    ;Suppress Author
    $^+s::send, ^{down}{tab}{tab}{tab}{space}{enter}

  • This used to work, but as of the latest update, the command down arrow is no longer working for me on the Mac. Anyone else having this issue?
  • Cmd-down-arrow works for me. What are you doing, exactly?
  • Ahh, got it now... I think I had previously had to press the <- arrow first to put the cursor at the start of the blue citation bubble. Now it seems to work as long as the cursor is at the end of the citation.

  • Cmd-down-arrow used to work for me, but now it doesn't again. I'm using Mac Word 2011 with Zotero Is there a new trick that we need to learn?
  • no, just broken. Fixed for the next version and in the current beta.
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    Thanks bentle, this is great. Now with the latest (as of Nov 2017) release of Zotero Standalone, the script has to be modified slightly. You are going to need 5x{tab} instead of 3. In addition, I have added pauses so that it works every time. I've also added an additional enter to bentle's version so that once you press ctrl-shift-s, zotero suppresses (or "unsuppresses") the author and closes the window so that things go even faster.


    #IfWinActive, Quick Format Citation
    ;Suppress Author
    {Control down}{down}{Control up}{pause}{pause}{pause}{pause}{pause}{tab}{tab}{tab}{tab}{tab}{space}{pause}{pause}{pause}{enter}{pause}{pause}{enter}


    To make things even faster, you can assign the the very same shortcut you use for suppressing the author to adding/editing citations.

    In word 2013 go to..
    File -> Options -> Customize the Ribbon -> (Keyboard Shortcuts:) Customize... ->
    Choose from Categories: Macros & from Commands ZoteroAddEditCitation.
    Place your cursor under "Press new shortcut key:" and press "ctrl"-"shift"-"s"
    Assign and close.

    Now you can add/edit citations AND (un)suppress the author with the same keyboard shortcut. Very convenient.

    Personally I prefer an even shorter combo, "ctrl"-"å" but you are going to need a scandinavian keyboard for that (you would have to write $^å instead of $^+s).

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