Syncing never completes

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  • Sorry, just joined so not quite sure how to report error in the right way. But on each of my three Mac computers, I can't get a clean sync: either (as of now) just endless "Syncing files in My Library" or sync starts and I get down to only a few to go, and it just fails to complete. Here's the debug reference for the last failure: D1049656113.

    Hope you can help because I love Zotero and want to be able to use it on all my devices.
  • That debug output looks OK — there are no errors in there, and the sync is ongoing. It just looks like you have some large files, and the download is taking a very long time. It's likely that this is just a question of the speed your network connection, or the speed of your connection to Amazon servers in the U.S.

    One thing you could consider is using download "as needed" mode in the file sync preferences to avoid downloading all files to all of your computers.

    But otherwise, you should just let it go, and it will likely finish eventually.
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