Style request: American Psychological Association 6th edition Dutch

The date described in English as 'March 12 2018' is correctly described in Dutch as '12 maart 2018'. Relative to English, month and day are inverted in Dutch. However this inversion is not part of the current Dutch APA style variant.

Inversion works just fine with the Chicago Manual of Style style, for example. So the problem would appear to be with the APA style and not with the locale file for Dutch.
  • Could we get a more detailed example of where this occurs? Dates occur at various places in APA
  • Here's an example:

    (3) Facebook. (2017, oktober 23). Geraadpleegd 31 maart 2018, van

    'oktober 23' is wrong and ought to be rendered as 23 oktober.

  • Zotero can't localize month-date order, (only full dates or partial dates including the year) and since the year has to come first in APA citations, that can't be done here.

    I'd question, though, if this is actually incorrect in Dutch -- is there an official APA version, say by the Dutch psychological association? I know the official German adaptation of APA uses (2017, Oktober 23) although regular German date form would be 2017, 23. Oktober (or 23.10.2017)
  • As far as I know there's no official APA translation. The online recommendations for translating the APA style requirements to something more in keeping with the way dates and such are handled in Dutch all suggest rendering dates dd-mm. To me this makes a lot of sense, because the mm-dd order is something that you never see in Dutch. In fact I'm a little surprised that the Germans opted to both change the day-month order and to drop the period from their usual way of refering to dates. Perhaps this is a problem best solved through the creation of a separate style rather than a localized version of the APA style?
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    I can confirm you don't see the American {month day} order ever in Dutch scientific resources. As there is no official APA translation, bartvbeek's suggestion to create a separate style rather than a localised official version seems a good way to go (if it makes an implementational difference).
  • As I say above, the only way to do this technically is by creating a separate style, yes.

    For that to be distributed officially through the CSL repository, though, we require a document with a sufficiently clear description of the authoritative version of the style (i.e., if someone reports a problem with the style, we need to be able to check a style guide.). There are countless choices to be made when translating a citation style and the only way we're not going to end up debating these through error reports/complaints is if they're codified somewhere.
  • Fair enough. Here's the most authoritative Dutch translation of the APA guidelines I could find — published by SURF, the collaborative IT service provider of Dutch higher education and universities. It's created by "nine information specialists from seven universities in collaboration with SURF and with permission from the APA":

    A quick search for "datum" (date) shows that all examples are d M yyyy, e.g. "1 juni 2016", as bartvbeek notes.
  • Great, that should work. Note that we're not talking about the full dates -- those should be correctly localized already, but the dates in brackets e.g. for Newspaper articles, so e.g. on p. 29
    Abma, T. (2016, 6 juli). Ouderenzorg vereist een hbo-opleiding. De Volkskrant, p. 25.

    @Rintze do you have a view of how this should be called on the repository?
  • "American Psychological Association 6th edition (Werkgroup APA) (Dutch)", probably, with "apa-nl" or "apa-nl-werkgroup-apa" as style ID. That would be most consistent with
  • sounds good, thanks!
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    How might this style be created and added to the official repository? Furthermore if it is created, we might need to take a look at the way the editor names are displayed in the list of references. Currently full names are used, rather than initials. However this is not in keeping with APA standards.
  • @bartvbeek Can you list all of the changes that are needed from the existing APA style in one post here and I can put it together for you?
  • My understanding is that we just need to change the date(s) from APA?
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