coyp and paste a citation in plain text


This is a quickie. I have searched google for this but wasn't able to find anything related.

I have recommended Zotero to a friend working in Biology research field. At present he wants to use Zotero only for managing his bibliography in Firefox but not really for citations in MS Word since he has to share the document with others in his company (who do not use Zotero and not even Firefox).

So, he would like to manage all the biblio with Zotero but insert citations in his Word doc in plain text. Apart from copying each field and pasting it in his doc., is there a fast way to copy and paste the citation, in a selected style, from Zotero to a doc. in one go?

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    If by "plain text" you mean just breaking the connection with Zotero and converting the citations to normal (formatted) text strings in the document, check out the "Remove Field Codes" button. In the Open Office screen I'm looking at here, it's just to the right of the Zotero gear icon in the word processor toolbar. Prepare the document with citations and bibliography as per normal, click the icon once, click "ok", and it's done.
  • Thank, fbennett. I will take a look at this. Looks almost exactly what I was looking for.

    And if that doesn't give me what I am looking for, I might play with various points mentioned in "creating bibliographies" linmk Rintze gave.

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