[5.0 beta] rss feed minimized

Hi, I can't find a discussion on this topic.

Is the RSS feed view, minimized, part of 5.0 development plan or are feeds always going to be shown maximized ?
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    What do you mean by minimized or maximized?

    Oh you mean collapsed? We wish to address this better, probably by allowing more general cataloguing of feeds, but there are no immediate plans for now.
  • Zotero folders ( i.e.collections) could be collapsed or expanded using the > greater than sign.

    I was wondering if that option would be available for the RSS feed folder. Currently is always expanded taking too much real estate in the right sided pane.

    The are times when working on a collection you want to see the group folder and tag window at the same time without the constant scrolling back and forth.

    This is not a major issue, I was just wondering if collapsing the RSS feed folder was a pending feature for that right pane since all the other folders can be collapsed or expanded.
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    Cataloguing of feeds would be nice

    ...but short term, is expanding or collapsing the feed difficult to implement ?

    Just curious...
  • There are some technical reasons that do not make it a completely straightforward change. Once again, no immediate plans, but if there is more interest from the community we will react accordingly.
  • Ok, thanks for the feedback
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    Hi! I just wanted to say that, at least from my side, there is interest for possibility for expanding/collapsing the feed and cataloging the rss feed. That would be really nice.
  • Hi, I'm also interested in the possibility to catalogue rss feeds. It would be great to have this feature.
  • Hello, I agree with this possibility
  • The ability to collapse feeds (or more generally to put them into collapsible folders) would be highly desirable. To the extent this feature becomes more and more useful, we are going to have a taller and taller stack of feeds, which clutters the UI. Since group libraries always appear below the feeds, they are getting pushed out of convenient access--I'm wary of adding more feeds because of the effect on visibility of group libraries below them.
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