Citation Style for Biotropica - little help needed.

Hello all. Let me start by saying, that this is my first xml document. I desperately need a citation style for the journal Biotropica ( Here is a free recent issue (

By modifying the Harvard author-date style, I was able to get a style file that is VERY close to what the journal wants. I’ve pasted the code in:

I still have a couple of issues I can’t resolve.

1. In citation, when references are collapsed by year or year-suffix, I need tthem to be separated by a semi/colon. For example:

(Condit et al. 2000, 1995, 1998, Connell 1971, Cortes & Hunziker 1997)

Needs to be

(Condit et al. 2000, 1995, 1998; Connell 1971, Cortes & Hunziker 1997)

2. I also need, the references to be sorted by date in the citation. I can probably do this by selecting multiple references in chronological order from Zotero, but I was wondering if this could be programmed into csl. For example:

(Condit et al. 2000, 1995, 1998; Connell 1971, Cortes & Hunziker 1997)

Needs to be:

(Condit et al. 1995, 1998, 2000; Connell 1971, Cortes & Hunziker 1997)

3. In Bibliography, I need the references to be sorted according to these rules:
Cite references in alphabetical order by first author's surname. References by a single author precede multi-authored works by the same senior author, regardless of date.
List works by the same author chronologically, beginning with the earliest date of publication

I think these tasks may be accomplished by modifying the <sort> command, but I’m not sure how.

Thank you very much for your help. I'm really excited about learning csl, so I would appreciate if you could illustrate your answer so I can learn. I want to create a bunch of styles for ecology, biology and population genetics, so I want to learn this very well.


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    Issue 1 can't currently be solved in CSL, and it might never be. The author of CSL has expressed some concern with regard to supporting these types of difficult-to-implement unruly rules:

    Issue 2 requires a sorting command in the citation section. See for instance
    and some documentation at

    Issue 3 is to my knowledge not yet supported, but probably will be with the next release of CSL and the accompanying updated CSL processor.
  • Actually, 1 is a reasonable request; it's asking to delimit the author disambiguation group. I just don't actually recall if we support that currently (probably not).

    I think issue 3 is the AGU example that I think Frank figured out.
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    thanks to Rintze and bdarcus.

    So I stand:
    Issue 1. Can't be fixed. Need to do it by hand.

    Issue 2.
    I added the following to the citation section:
    <key macro="author"/>
    <key variable="issued"/>

    and didn't help. I also added
    <key macro="author"/>
    <key macro="year-date"/>

    and that didn't help either. I think I have to select the references from zotero in the proper order.

    Issue 3: I added the following to the bibliography section>
    <key macro="author"/>
    <key macro="year-date"/>
    <key variable="title"/>

    this appears to have done the trick, but I have to do more exhaustive testing.

    Could you please let me know (dummy instructions) on how to upload the finished style to the Zotero dev list?
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