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edited September 3, 2018
I am working within a single document and only have one bibliography. However my citations should appear in the page footnote only in the first page where they are cited. Currently I am forced to generated the bibliography and split it manually, but then if anything is edited I have to redo everything again because the citation style is with sequential number.

Any work around to this problem?
  • What style are you using?
  • I created my own style, but it's similar to Science
  • Okay, that is a numeric in-text style, not a footnote style. At the top of the style, change “in-text” to “note”. Then, you will replace the “citation” block (currently just citation-number), with the same information as is used in the “bibliography” block. See the Springer (Note) style for an example.
  • Thanks for that. Ok now it is in fact placing citation in footnotes, but I get some strange behaviors. It is only displaying the number in the footnotes, it also uses increasing numbers for the same citation in different pages. And after I add bibliography the citations become plain text. It seems it's more complex than just changing the style.
  • Yes, footnote styles use a new number for each citation, even to the same item. (For these styles, Zotero just tells Word to insert a footnote at the current location.) This is just how Note styles, like Chicago, etc., work. If you want to use the same number across footnotes, you can use Word’s cross-reference feature to point to an existing note (potentially on a previous page) rather than repeating the information in a new note.

    Another potential hack would be to keep the “note” style, add 'citation-number' back to the beginning of the citation, and modify the footnote numbering format in Word to use a space (or better, a zero-width space character) as a custom footnote mark: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/msoffice_word-mso_other/footnotes-without-superscript-numbers/9b55868c-666c-4818-a84b-203793c715a1
    (Again, footnote number formatting is controlled by Word, not Zotero.)

    Generally, what you are describing really just isn’t a style used by any publication or style guide. Numeric styles used in the physical sciences (at least in the large majority of cases) only show the reference information in the bibliography at the end of the document, not on each page. There isn’t any way that Zotero could tell Word to re-use footnote numbers in a Note style, and such behavior is contrary to what style guides for Note styles (ala Chicago) expecf.

    I don’t know what you mean about inserting the bibliography becoming plain text. Can you elaborate?
  • Thanks for the effort but it seems way too complicated, I ended up splitting the citations manually, I only have to do this very rarely for a proposal. It is in fact a very unusual formatting that is required in EU grant proposals.
  • @xxtraloud , I am also having to format a proposal with that same annoying EU-required style of citations. DId you in the end find a way to reduce the length of footnotes by avoiding listing details of references that were cited previously? Is it for instance possible to reuse a previous footnote and just point to it with the same superscript number in the text?
  • @z8080 I ended up making it work, you can use one footnote per reference and then just reference back to it throughout the text. You have to play around a bit with the formatting but only do this when you are done with everything else. You can use any citation style you want or edit it to make it shorter. For example use journal abbreviations.
  • @z8080 To reuse a footnote number, use Word’s Cross-Reference feature and select the previous footnote. That will insert the original number to refer back to the original note.
  • Thanks to both!
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