Modified AMA Citation Style

edited August 31, 2018
The default AMA citation style is a superscripted numeric citation with a numbered reference list. I am trying to edit the citation style so that the in-text citation appears as follows:

...text to be cited [Author, year; Author, year].

The reference list should be sorted alphabetically. Using the AMA (sorted alphabetically) style as my starting point, I am assuming the following code is what needs to be edited, but I am not sure how to get it to look how I want:
<citation collapse="citation-number">
<key variable="citation-number"/>
<layout delimiter="," vertical-align="sup">
<text variable="citation-number"/>
<group prefix="(" suffix=")">
<label variable="locator" form="short" strip-periods="true"/>
<text variable="locator"/>

Any help would be appreciated.
  • The easiest would be to copy the author and year-date macros over from a style that has them the way you like and then use those in the citation section. Beyond that, a bit hard to say without seeing your code and/or knowing more precisely what you need. (to show code snippets, put them in <code>code tags</code>
    For longer code bits, use
  • Thank you. I got it to work by copying over the author and year-date macros as you suggested. I had to play with a bunch of the prefix and suffix options to get it to look right, but it should work for my purposes.
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