Alternative storage/sharing options

dear Zotero users community, please help me with finding a solution for following problem.
First of all I'm using old obsolete version of Zotero, yes I know shame on me. The issue is that I would like to not upgrade it to Zotero ver.5.
Since I'm working on two/three computers I need to do syncing to get access to same repository. Starting from 1 August the syncing on verison Zotero 4 is no longer supported. Is there any way to provide alternative way for syncing. I red something about WebDAV, but do we need Zotero account for that? I was struggling for several days to synchronize my repository with webDAV server namely dropbox, so far without success. If You can help me I will be deeply thankful.
I am aware that first of advices I can get from You is to upgrade my Zotero but for now I would like to avoid this. If You know solution to have repository shared between different computers without Zotero uprated to ver.5 You will be my hero.

Thanks in advance !!
  • I can't speak for the developers but from my understanding, syncing will go away entirely for Zotero 4 in the not too distant future. Syncing always requires an zotero account, all that webdav sync does is store attachments on webdav, not the references.

    May I ask why you want to stay on Z4? Why would you like to avoid Z5?
  • I tried Z5 for a few days, and I felt uncomfortable with additional window for Z5 and different way for saving references into zotero. Additionally two computers I am using are very old, still running on Windows XP, I don't have the latest web browser installed on them and cannot upgrade till the latest version. I hope soon those computers will be replaced but for now I have to struggle with them.
    It is a pity that the workaround for my issue is difficult or impossible without zotero account.
  • Windows XP is no longer receiving security updates from Microsoft, so it is not safe to use it when connected to to internet. Syncing for Zotero 4 has ended. Versions of Firefox that can run Zotero for Firefox are also no longer supported by Mozilla and are unsafe to use. It is extremely unsafe to use outdated operating systems or browsers. You really do need to update those systems to a supported operating system/browser (Windows 7 and 10 are supported, a current version of Firefox) or you are risking major risks of being attacked by viruses, malware, data loss, etc.

    There have been a lot of updates to Zotero 5 since its release, particularly the ability to choose a collection when saving from the browser without switching apps. I urge you to update to Zotero 5.

    If updating isn’t possible, your best option would be to store your data on an external hard drive that you carry and connect to each computer. You can use a portable version of Zotero to store your data and the app itself on the drive:

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