Bold in Abstract section, highlight search terms, note section to open automatically

edited August 29, 2018
I'm considering switching from EndNote X8 to Zotero, but there are four major issues that need to be solved.

1) In my EndNote data base, I have always highlighted several words in bold in the abstract section. When I now import my EndNote library to Zotero these bold words disappear or are marked with <b> </b> in the Zotero abstract, but are not rendered in bold. Does the Zotero abstract section allow special characters at all?

2) I saw that such editing in the Notes section is feasible. But is it possible to import the EndNote abstract section to the Zotero Notes section in order to keep the words that are highlighted in bold? Or would I have first to shift all EndNote abstracts to the EndNote Notes and then import to Zotero?

3) Is it possible to show the Zotero note section already on the general info tap? Because I would like to access my thoughts immedeately if I click on an entry.

4) Would it be possible to highlight search terms in the results? I understand that tagging, etc are ways to limit results, but if I get, let's say 50 results and have long abstracts, I would like to navigate directly to the searched word.

Thank you fro your help.
Best BKY
  • 1) Zotero cannot currently display rich text (bold, italics, etc.) in its text fields. This is likely to change in a future new version. With <b> tags, the words will render as bold in citations.

    2) Generally, I would recommend that you use the Abstract field to store the canonical published abstract for an item and store annotations/comments in Extra or as a Zotero note. Note that you can't cite Zotero notes. It's possible to modify the exported XML from Endnote so that Zotero adds the abstract to a note instead. If that is something you are interested in, we can walk you through it.

    3) No, but you can pop out individual notes and show the two windows side by side on your screen.

    4) This isn't possible due to technical limitations of the platform Zotero is built upon, but it is likely to change when Zotero moves to a different platform, likely later this year.
  • Thank you for your helpful information! Then I will wait and see whether ad1 and ad 4 will be realised in the new and already expected version. And if this will be the case, I might come back to you for ad 2. (I don't have many canonical abstracts, because at least 80% of my entries are historical texts where my notes constitute the abstract and vice versa.)
  • To be clear, Those types of changes aren’t likely to come for months at least, if not longer.
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