Notes on top?

I use stand alone notes in folders to define what kind of literature is in this folder or what is the workflow for the items in the folder. Now I want this notes to be on top in the folders. It seems like this is only possible if it name my note something like "!!! note" an sort the folder by title. But I usually find it more usefull to have them sorted by author or date. So is it possible to bring a stand alone note on top in a folder ans still keeping the folder ordered by author or year?

I've thought of a solution for some time but couldn't find one. So I guess there is just none. But maybe someone knows a trick.

If not this would be a nice new feature: pin notes (or other items) to the top of a folder.
  • Items without a year or author (like Standalone notes) will sort to the bottom of the list. If you reverse-sort the folder by year/author, the note will be on top. For title, do the trick with putting punctuation as the first character.
  • Thanks! I already had this ideas too but I would rather like to not have folders reversed sorted by author or date. At the end pinning notes at the top of foldersis not that important just a would be nice function.
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