Stop RIS batch import

I'm trying to import files from Embase via RIS (1000 per import) and have created an issue for myself. When I started the import for items 1001-2000 I was in a Zotero folder other than the one I wanted those files to live in, and now I'm stuck watching the incredibly slow process of these files populating the wrong folder. So 2 questions:
1) is it possible to stop a batch import after you've started it?
2) is it possible to see the items that are newly added to a specific folder (in this case, so I can move those 1000 files from the incorrect to the correct folder while leaving the wrong folder as it was before I began)?

I'm on a Mac OS High Sierra (10.13.6) with Zotero 5.0.55.

(as an aside, and not the point of this thread, my imports are so incredibly slow it's unreal. It took over 6 hours to get 3000 files imported from CINAHL via RIS. What gives?)
  • 1) killing Zotero via task manager would do it, but I think that's about it
    2) Sorting by date added in the middle panel works nicely for that purpose

    Can't speak much to the speed issue, but that sounds decidedly off to me. Zotero import isn't fast, but especially without attached files, I'd have expected this to be <1h.
  • Oh NICE! I didn't have date added visible, I didn't realize it was an option. Pretty happy I uploaded everything else in that folder yesterday.
    Many thanks!
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