Merging subfolders

If I have multiple subfolders (multiple imports), and want to merge them into one subfolder so that all of the articles are in one folder instead of a bunch, how do I do that successfully?
  • You can just Select All and drag all items to another collection to combine them.

    If you have a whole hierarchy that you want to combine, the easiest way is probably to temporarily enable the recursiveCollections hidden pref, make a temporary collection outside of that hierarchy, click the top collection (which should show all items within, thanks to the pref), and then drag all the items to the temporary collection.
  • And if you want to _move_ the references and not "copy" (though it doesn't actually create a separate copy, just adds the same reference to a different collection), you can press Shift while dragging.
  • it workde perfectly, simply highlighting, dragging and dropping
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