Zotero when exporting biblatex format produces nested braces {{}} which is not helpfull at all

I am loading https://doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-12-385095-9.00138-X into Zotero and exporting the entry to biblatex. Zotero builds the title as follows:
title = {Chapter 138 - {PACAP}},

This lets JabRef choke on the nested braces. I would propose zu use brackets or simple parenthesis.
  • The inner braces are needed to preserve capitalization. This is valid BibTeX and works in JabRef for me. What issues are you seeing and in what version of JabRef?
  • Jabrev 5.0 dev - snapshot from some days ago. Obviously there is a problem in that developmental version.
  • edited August 30, 2018
    Yeah this is valid (and necessary, and typical) BibTeX, so if JabRef chokes on that, that's a JabRef bug.
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