how do I switch back from standalone to online?

How do I switch back from standalone to online Zotero please? I'm not even sure how I managed to change to standalone - a mistake!
  • There's only one version of Zotero, which is a standalone program that runs on your computer. You save to it by using the Zotero Connector, which is a browser extension. You should have both. If you sync, you can also access your online library on this site, but that's not meant as the primary way to use Zotero.

    In earlier Zotero versions, there was a version of Zotero that ran entirely as a Firefox extension. I'm guessing that's what you're calling the "online" version (though that's incorrect — it was still local to your computer), but it was discontinued over a year ago and can no longer be used in current versions of Firefox. For more details on why that version had to be discontinued, see our blog post from a year ago, but you can get an equivalent experience — and in many ways a better one — by using the Zotero Connector with Zotero today.

    If you have questions that aren't answered in the FAQ, let us know.
  • Thank you. Yes, you've got it. I used to have a 'z' on my screen and could easily put references into my library. How do I know if I have Zotero connector? And how do I use it? Any tips? Thanks again
  • See the two pages I linked to for a lot more info.
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