item does not sync to group

the new group functionality is brilliant! However, we just tested it, and it only partly works: we set up a private group, set the two group members status to admin (first tried one admin, one not, then the non-admin could not add items to groups). Now both can add items to the group. All the added items do appear in the group on the zotero webpage. However, the items B. adds do not show up in my (A.) group. Only the items that A. adds show up in B. computer. Syncing works fine for both, without errors.
both working on OSX with firefox 3.5 b4, zotero 2.0.b4
  • Sorry, I was wrong. It all works now. But: one entry did cause a problem. What is confusing about it: first B. could upload the entry to the website but A. could not download. Then B. removed entry from group and re-added it. Now A. got sync error. Then B. removed entry, created it again from the same source (worldcat) and everything worked fine.
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