[feature request] merging duplicates

In principle, merging duplicates is a great tool to handle the library. However, the performance for the user is quite poor most probably because lots of comparisons have to be made for each merging task.
Therefore, it would be great to separate the UI from the data merge by either introducing a (threaded) stacking of the reference data merge command or, may be more simple to realize, an automated duplicate merging taking the suggestions of the library for the merger. The later realization could ask at the beginning if the first dated reference shall be used for the new ref or the last dated one.
  • Just an addition to my suggestion above showing a possible program flow described by metasyntax:

    - - when clicking the button "merge n items"
    - - pack the "ready to merge references" into a JSON object, the leading reference will be the root
    - - remove the "to be merged references" from displaying in the duplicate items list
    - - move the JSON object into the stack of a "merging thread" (which will be the new implementation
    - - let the code to what is already done in the merging routine
    - - replace the old "to be merged reference" with the new "merged reference" with the already used code

    This should not be to difficult for an experienced coder

    Thx for regarding this in one of the next updates
  • just in case that multithreading in javascript is not known, have a look here:

  • It would be great to be able to merge duplicates by selecting them in 'My Library'.
  • You can. Select two or more items, right click, and choose Merge Items.
  • Oh, great! Thank you so much! I haven't noticed this.
  • It would be cool to be able to merge items in the search window
  • You can save the search and do it from there. (Merging from the search window would be nice, but it would also require somehow making room for the merge pane.)
  • Ah, I understand. Thanks!
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