Word for Mac 2016 error: "Word could not communicate with Zotero"

Unfortunately I am experiencing the same problem other users experienced for another version of word for Mac (https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/58902/word-mac-2015-add-in-standalone-error-wants-to-connect-to-firefox/p1 ),
"Word could not communicate with Zotero" even if Firefox (or the Standalone) are open. I used for few years Word for Mac 2011 and never had a problem with Zotero.

Recently I installed Word for Mac 2016 (ver. 15.35) and I could not see the "add-ins" section to use Zotero. After following some instructions I found on this forum (things related to the Zotero.dot file and the Word startup folder in "Preferences-File Locations") I managed to have the "add-ins" section appearing on the Word toolbar, and all the Zotero icons are there now.

Yet when I try to use it, add a citation etc, it can't communicate with Word. I reinstalled the Word plug-ins for Firefox and for the Standalone. I am not sure what else I can do.

Since my Word2011 still works perfectly with Zotero, I am keeping it, and maybe with this Word2016 there is some form or other of conflict with other Zotero.dot files (or they're in the wrong folder or else). On my hd there are currently three zotero.dot files, and I am not sure which one belongs to which version of Word.

Can someone help please?
Zotero Word for Mac Integration 3.5.14, Standalone
These are the full path for the zotero.dot files I have on my drive:
1) /Users/Scarifier/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/User Content.localized/Startup.localized/Word

2) /Applications/Office/Startup/Word [This is the startup file I assigned in Word-Preferences-File Locations-Startup to solve the "add-ins" problem I had at the beginning with Word for Mac2016]

3) /Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Office/Startup/Word

Thank you in advance for the support!
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