Minor stylesheet bug: extra period in "Edition" for Book Section record

For a Book Section record in Chicago style (maybe other styles...haven't experimented), entering data in the field "Edition" yields the following record when generating a Bibliography:

Woolf, Virginia. “Women and Fiction.” In The Feminist Critique of Language: A Reader, edited by Deborah Cameron, 2nd edition., 47–53. London: Psychology Press, 1998.

Note the ".," before the page numbers. (This problem does not appear when generating a Note.)
  • How exactly have you entered the data in Zotero? You should just enter “2”.
  • but we should also handle "2nd edition" correctly (even though you're of course correct that users shouldn't enter it like that), since it would follow the same logic as "2nd expanded edition" and other non-numeric entries which we need to cover
  • Thanks! Yes, I had entered "2nd edition" and I see now that "2" works well. And thank you @adamsmith for the follow-up...I have several "Revised edition" books in my library for which this would be useful.
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