HELP - Recovering Deleted Collections


I use Zotero standalone with Windows. This morning I woke up to find that a lot of sub-collections in one of my main collections had become duplicated. I decided to delete what I thought were the duplicate sub-collections. Some of the sub-collections could not be deleted. When I finished deleted what I thought were duplicate sub-collections, when I reloaded zotero, all of the sub-collections were gone. These sub-collections constitute years of work. I am freaking out. I'm afraid to sync with Zotero online, because I'm worried it will forever destroy my sub-collections that I just deleted. What do I do?

Thank you,

  • Have you synced since the deletions? Do you see the subcollections in your online library?
  • Hi dstillman, I ended up creating a new zotero directory and then synced from online. Since I had synced just yesterday, I recovered all of my subcollections. Thanks for the help.
  • OK, good to hear.

    We're planning to have deleted collections move to the trash in an upcoming version.

    A couple other people have reproduce the duplicated-collections bug. If you can figure out how to reproduce that, let us know (and to fix it, just restart Zotero).
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