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I want to import citation data from bibtex and I have problems to import keywords if they contain several words separated by white space (e.g. "keywords = {this is my keyword},").

After the import to Zotero there are single tags (tag1: "this", tag2 "is" etc.) instead of one tag "this is my keyword". If an entry in the bibtex file has more than one keyword (e.g. keywords = {this is my keyword; keyword2} both keywords are imported correctly.

Is there anything I can change in the translator file to adapt the import?

  • Should be fixed now. Update your translaotrs via Preferences -> General -> Update Now and try importing again. Let us know if something is still not right.
  • Thank you for the quick response!

    I updated the translators and tried to import again. The problem still occurs. A keyword containing several words is still split into single tags, if I try to import citation data with only one keyword. I tried with the latest version of Zotero Standalone.
  • Can you post one such BibTeX entry that fails? Post it on and link to it here
  • Here is the link to the BibTeX entry:
  • Can you try updating the translators again and restart Zotero? This works on my end.

    If the update doesn't work, can you go to Preferences -> Advanced -> Files and Folders -> Reset Translators. Wait a minute, then restart Zotero and go to Preferences -> General -> Update Now. Once that says "Updated" try importing again.
  • Now it works! Thank you!

    The add-on "Zotero Better Bib(La)Tex" was enabled because I used it to generate automatic BibTeX keys. After I disabled the add-on, reset the translators and then updated the translators as you described it, the import works correctly. The translator file of the add-on "Zotero Better Bibtex" overrides the implementation in the file BibTeX.js, right?
  • Here's a related question for you. Please excuse if this has already been addressed - I couldn't locate it on the forum:

    I've imported a very messy database of approximate 4,500 entries. The tags sometimes have two combined terms. For example "red green". I want to split those terms into two separate tags, e.g., "red" and "green". Editing each individual entry is quite time consuming. Can this somehow be automated?

    A related question: I'm editing tags, but for the moment am only interest in one of the two terms in the same tag. Again, I want to split, but don't want to lose the part which I'm not interested in. For example:
    "red cold" and "red hot". I would want to split them as "red X", where X is a variable tag. Is this possible?

    If neither is possible, then this would be my suggestion for future enhancements of Zotero.

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