Style Error: Chinese Std GB/T 7714-2005 (author-date, Chinese)

The bibliography format has something wrong in word 2010. You can see a capture here:

I've searched the Forums for answers. But strangely there's no questions pulled by anybody.

Actually, the "author" field should be with other fields in the same paragraph, but not in a separate paragraph.
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    Have you altered the style that you obtained from the repository? The comments that accompany the repository style state: "This style just partly implemented what the Chinese GB/T 7714-2005 requires."
  • Styles with this particular formatting requirement only work when used either with the Word add-on or saved to RTF. Clipboard (which I'm assuming you used) messes up the formatting when going to Word (I think it does work into other programs).
  • Sorry for replying late.

    I didn't alter the style. Actually, I had re-downloaded the style to see if it worked well. There's another style in the repository made according to the Chinese GB/T 7714-2005, i.e., the Chinese Std GB/T 7714-2005 (numeric, Chinese).

    Yes, I had used the clipboard. I will show you some more captures.

    When used with 'Word add-on'(you can only see the authors)

    when used with 'clipboard'

    when used with 'saved to RTF'

    Even the last one is much different from what the Chinese GB/T 7714-2005 requires. This is the example given in this style-guild file (

    When the 'Chinese Std GB/T 7714-2005 (author-date, Chinese)' goes something wrong, however, the 'Chinese Std GB/T 7714-2005 (numeric, Chinese)' shows correctly. So I think the former should be revised.
  • Hi,

    I have also encountered a similiar problem as @dantigone did, and there is the screenshot: of gbt7714-2005.jpg?dl=0 . Also, there are some more in-text formatting errors of this existing style that, for example, only use ", " instead of "and" when connecting authors.

    Before posting here, I have searched for years for a readily-for-use CSL file of GB7714-2005 in author-date format, but failed. It is quite interested given the big number of Chinese researchers who may requiring this style.

    By the way, I have tried a DIY-version but got stuck in attempting to use the "locale" setting dealing with Chinese character of term "and"(和) as well as "et al."(等). It would be appreciated if anybody who can offer some advice on this issue.

    Looking forward to some good news...
  • @Chenran_Liu You are trying to use this style, correct?

    Please list exactly what errors you are encountering with the style (numbering the list will be helpful).

    Are you creating the bibliography with the Word Add-in or export to RTF, or are you trying to use the clipboard or drag-and-drop?
  • @bwiernik , thanks for your kind help. Yes I'm tring to use the style as you mentioned. And I'm trying to use the style through Zotero Word add-in. The errors are as follow:
    1. In bibliography, the author part and other part have seemed to be two separate aligned paragraph, which may cause the rest in the twp part showed up in the second line, rather than continuing in the same line. The screenshot above is about this error.
    2. As for in-text citation, the delimiter ", " is used after every author's name, even the last two. I think it is proper to use and (or "和" in Chinese) after the second last name, and nothing after the last.
    3. Also, give my limited knowledge about CSL, it seems that thist style hasn't considered a "et-al" format when there are too many authors for one entry.
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