Citation order for multiple citations in one... citation.

edited May 3, 2018
I am using the Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition (author-date) citation style and I have some points where multiple sources are cited at once. The problem is that they are not ordered in any way and I think they should be ordered by date or at least alphabetically. Here's an example of a particularly long series of citations:

(Stemmer et al. 2015; Pliatsika and Rigoutsos 2015; Prykhozhij et al. 2015; Labun et al. 2016; Doench et al. 2016; Heigwer, Kerr, and Boutros 2014; Hsu et al. 2013b).

Is there a citation style which will put these in order?

Note this issue is distinct from the bibliography which I think should be in alphabetical order.
  • The Chicago Manual has this to say on the topic:
    The order in which they are given may depend on what is being cited, and in what order, or it may reflect the relative importance of the items cited. If neither criterion applies, alphabetical or chronological order may be appropriate.
    which is why we're not implementing any automatic sorting -- they're cited in the order you enter them.

    Most other author-date citation style (including e.g. APA) do automatically sort in-text citations either by date or by author.
  • Does APA look identical to Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition (author-date)? I'm afraid to change the style because I've had to edit some items manually so they won't update if I change the style.
  • No, APA author-date citations looks quite different from Chicago (different et al settings, comma before the year, ampersand instead of and)
  • Generally, you shouldn’t edit citations manually, but instead should use the Zotero page number, prefix, suffix, and Suppress Author fields in the Citation window.
  • Thanks. I'm sure I've used prefix and suffix in the past but forgot about them >:(
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