Virus Alert constantly popping up


When I open up and use Zotero, I often get this Virus Alert pop up.

Has anyone else had a similar issue? Any idea why this is happening?

There's no apparent issue or problems on my computer, so there seems to be nothing wrong with my computer at the moment. I am just concerned that this Virus Alert may be cause problems later on.

Any insights or advice would help!

  • Could you specify this? While very occasionally antivirus software has been (falsely) flagging Zotero itself, it is much more common that you have an actual malware script imported as part of one of the webpages saved by you in Zotero. These are rarely a real risk for your computer, or at least saving them isn't, but they're real malware.
  • I wish there is a way to copy and paste the screenshot that I took of the Virus Alert pop-up, but I will type what it says on the pop-up.

    Process: C:\Program Files (x86)\Zotero\zotero.exe
    Item: C:\Users\\Zotero\tmp\CJCEHHMM.tmp
    Virus: JS/Nemucod.AYUD!tr.dldr
    Status: Quarantined

    About couple of months ago, I went into that specific location mentioned in the pop-up and deleted the exact file, but this Virus Alert still pops up whenever I open Zotero.

    Thanks so much,

  • type CJCEHHMM in Zotero quick search in "All field and tag" mode and delete the associated item (likely a snapshot)
  • I did the All field and tag search as well as Everything search mode but found nothing in the search results. I went into the folder location indicated in the Virus Alert again and looked for the CJCEHHMM.tmp file, but the file was not there, even if I clicked on the "Hidden items" checkbox to show hidden files. I have no idea where this CJCEHHMM file is from
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    It could be in any of your groups. Search the root of each in All Fields & Tags mode, and when you find the attachment, delete it and empty the trash.
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