ssh file transfer support for attachment sync

would it be possible to have ssh support added?

SSH file transfers are implemented in the fireftp plugin using the putty components

While webdav is a good option for many people, most *nix users have an ssh server set up on their machine ready to access as remote file storage. I use this to access my files at home from uni all the time, and to be able to sync using ssh instead of having to run a webdav server would be excellent
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    FireFTP is an interesting counter-example to the discussion on this previously:
    I still don't know if the bloat of this solution would be worthwhile, though. (Most non-nix users don't have an ssh server & many nix users don't leave their's running & FireFTP is at least 0.5 MB).

    "Syncing" to a local directory has also been discussed quite a bit. If this was implemented, you could use sshfs.
  • All Mac OS X users can turn on ssh servers with a single click from the control panel. I imagine that, if ssh file syncing was an option, you would find that a lot more people would use it over WevDAV. This would be true in my case.

    But of course, the bloat is something to take into consideration.
  • You wouldn't necessarily have to require fireftp to be installed, only the components to support ssh.

    Also, could it be installed similarly to the pdf index software in windows? Click a button in the configuration if you wish to use the feature, and it downloads the necessary components to enable it for you.
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