[Juris-M] Any reason not to use Juris-M

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In my understanding, Juris-M is mostly identical to Zotero, yet providing some useful additional features. So, I was wondering if there are any reasons not to use Juris-M?
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    Not really, no. If you stand to benefit from its two major added functions -- multilingual citations and law support -- I'd recommended. The biggest drawback is that it's a smaller operation (i.e. mostly a one-person part-time project) but Frank is dedicated to it and there's very little chance he's going to stop supporting/working on it.

    The fact that it's sync-compatible with Zotero also gives you a reliable exit strategy for the worst case.
  • Expanding on that major drawback is, the main potential downside is that because it's basically just Frank, new features and sometimes bug fixes in Zotero sometimes can take some time to make their way over to Juris-M.
  • Ok, so basically it boils down to the question what is more important: Faster updates and bug fixes of the Zotero base, or additional features provided by Juris-M. Actually, I neither need Juris-M's law capabilities nor its multilingual features (at least not at the moment), but there are some really nice features:

    - Suppress trailing punctuation
    - Abbreviation filter
    - Classic item type
    - Hereinafter variable

    Those aren't available in vanilla Zotero at the moment, but is there any chance that they might be backported?
  • Classic items or something along those lines likely in the not-too distant future.
    Some functionality resembling abbreviation filter and hereinafter hopefully in the medium run but highly unlikely, say, this year.
    I have my doubts about suppress trailing punctuation, which I find hacky.
  • this answers my questions on another thread. One can sync across the two programs and use Juris as needed. I'm curious to see what happens to US Govt documents when they sync back to Zotero standard.
  • Any fields that are not part of vanilla Zotero will get stored in Extra.
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