Book formatting: Indesign, Scribus etc.

Not really a Zotero question, but: how do you get your long, full of research and references, documents formatted for print?

I found some questions about importing documents with Zotero footnotes to Indesign, but they were from 2013 and older...
What I have now is a 75 page long document with 54 footnotes, bibliography handled by Zotero and automated table of contents, written in Libre Office. I found a printing shop which can do the imposition for me, so I can add some fancy handmade bookbinding (this is my thing).

But what if I want to make little changes - line height or some detailed formatting which can only be done in Indesign (or this is what I'm being told)? I cannot think of manually handling the table of contents, footnotes and bibliography now...
I would also try to do this in Scribus but I think it's more for magazine style publications.

My question is: how should it be done? Assuming that these little changes cannot be made in Libre Office, which I doubt.
Also, I believe that the document is generally ready for being printed *now*; all the proofreading and this kind of important (in my opinion...) stuff is already done.
  • My understanding is that you'd have to import the document to Indesign and work on the typeset there. Indesign allows a lot of scripting so if you were to do this a ton, you could automate many of the steps, but for a one-off, it's going to be a lot of manual labor (I think most publishers, at least for journals, outsource a good chunk of this to India).
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    LibreOffice and Word both have pretty detailed control over things like line height and other layout parameters, so if you have already written the text in LibreOffice and are comfortable with it, I would just say to do it there.
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    Coincidentally, I am investigating the pipeline to pass original documents into Scribus.
    Scribus can import from a number of source formats including LibreOffice *.odt.
    Scribus also has useful scripting capability to generate Scribus *.sla files.
    But there is a learning curve.
    I have been exploring importing from markdown into Scribus and this example paper I found recently in searching how to parse *.odt files has embedded Zotero citations and is parsed using Pandoc.

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