Are there plans for a LibreOffice IMPRESS Plugin?

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For any scientific talk, I would like to add citations on the presentation slides and add the bibliography on the last slides of the presentation. Maybe there are others who'd like to do the same...
Since there's already a Plugin for LibreOffice Writer, there might even be a way to "somehow make it work in both". Would you know how?
By the way, how do all of you usually organize your citations in Impress? Have you maybe found a particularly clever way of copying it from the Writer... ?
  • It might be possible, but I’m not sure the Zotero developers have much interest in developing Impress/PowerPoint plugins at the moment.

    You could also write your presentations in Markdown and use pandoc to convert them to ODP. Pandoc supports citations from Zotero.
  • Also there is the option to directly convert Markdown into presentations using Pandoc > reveal.js.

    For scientific presentations RMarkdown might be more appropriate.
  • Yes, I’ve moved entirely over to making my presentations in RMarkdown with Zotero/BBT providing the citation data. The beta version of RStudio includes support for direct creation of PowerPoint and Impress files.
  • @bwiernik I'm just starting to study uses of RMarkdown, Can you expand more on how to get Zotero/BBT citations into RMarkdown?
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    You can export a .bib or CSL JSON file using BBT, then add the bibliography file and citations to your RMarkdown document as described here:

    (You don't actually need BBT, but using it can ensure consistent citekeys.)

    You can also use the citr package ( to add a citation picker to RStudio and automatically compile the necessary items into a bib/JSON file (though it breaks down if you have a truly massive Zotero library like I do--I use BBT's facility to bring up Zotero's native citation picker and then export the JSON file manually).

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