How to co-write with an EndNote user?

Hi, I'm starting a new paper for a conference that has supplied an EndNote style file and my co-writer is an EndNote user! So much pressure to flip into EndNote!!! Is there a smart way to deal with that, or I'm going to end up with both software on my laptop?
Thanks in advance for your help.
  • You wouldn't be the first person to have both programs installed & that's just as good of a choice as others.

    you can [insert] references using different reference managers, but ultimately ... will have to re-insert the references entered by the other reference manager (i.e. someone with Zotero will have to replace EndNote references, or vice versa).
    Usually, the choice of "master" program may be decided by whoever is doing the bulk of the writing or has the patience to format references or an incentive to re-use the proceeding as a starting point for another document.

    There are enough style files for either program and styles take a small enough amount of time that I'd not personally use that as the deciding factor, but that also may depend on your comfort finding/changing styles.
  • Thank you noksagt, and I'm going to stick with Z and declare it the "Master" program :). Loving this Zotero community
  • Yes, I would definitely recommend just sticking with Zotero and offering to handle the references yourself
  • Save new versions frequently while keeping the older ones.
  • Offering to do it is always my trick as well — usually people are happy someone's offering to do this; I from my end am happy I don't have to cope with other people's sloppy libraries and referencing habits ;)
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