Unable to download PDFs from JSTOR

This discussion was created from comments split from: PDF upload issues using Zotero Connector for Chrome.
  • In the past few days - but only on some PCs - we have been unable to download PDFs from JSTOR using any method, including accepting the JSTOR terms and conditions and opening up the PDF in the browser window as adamsmith suggests.

    It works on some PCs but not others. Why might that be? In all cases it is for new PDFs. A red X comes up next to the icon of the PDF when attempting to import it to Zotero.

    In addition, when I try downloading PDFs that have previously worked to Zotero it does not work - on any PC. Clicking on the Zotero Chrome Capture icon produces no error message at all - it's as if it is frozen. (I mention this since adamsmith asks about PDFs that previously worked above.)
  • Can you provide a Debug ID from Zotero for a save attempt that fails?
  • The Debug ID for a failed save attempt for PDFs that have previously worked and which are not working now (capture icon non-responsive) is D2041681303.

    I can't produce a Debug ID for a failed save attempt for new PDFs because that is currently working (at least on the machine I am on at the moment). However, it was not working previously on other machines (to which I no longer have access because they belong to other staff members I was training).

    If it happens again, I'll send it along.

  • Note that at least one of your colleagues was getting SSL certificate errors when trying to sync, so it's entirely possible that they were also having problems saving due to that.

    It's not totally clear what's happening from this debug output. A PDF attachment seems to be saved. If you paste HFFDGBZ4 into the Zotero search bar, you should find the parent item. Is there an attachment? Is the PDF present?
  • Yes, the PDF is present when I paste HFFDGBZ4. There seemed to have been a delay because the PDF didn't come up right away. I'll try from another machine later and check back. thanks.
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