mistake in the analytical chemistry style

there is a mistake in the analytical chemistry style since it does include the article title while it shouldn't (see http://pubs.acs.org/paragonplus/submission/ancham/ancham_authguide.pdf). I tried to edit the existing style but was unsuccessful, could someone edit it to remove the title?
  • ok thanks for your answer but it concerns the Journal of the american chemical society, in the recently updated (feb 2018) submission guidelines for Analytical Chemistry, it is clearly specified that titles should not be included for submission.
  • Calling the cavalry, @adamsmith and @Rintze

    The JACS guidelines says:
    1. "Beginning in 2018, all ACS journals have simplified their formatting requirements in favor of a streamlined and standardized review-ready format for an initial manuscript submission. This change allows authors to focus on the scientific content needed for efficient review rather than on formatting concerns. It will also help ensure that reviewers are able to focus on the scientific merit of a submission during the peer review process. Review-Ready Submission will also reduce the effort needed to revise formatting should a manuscript be transferred as a submission to a different ACS journal. Authors will be asked to attend to any journal-specific formatting requirements during manuscript revision." (p. 1)
    2. "References can be provided in any style, but they must be complete, including titles." (p. 1)
    3. "Authors should consult The ACS Style Guide, 3rd ed.; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2006, for the appropriate style to use in citations of journal papers, books, and other publications. In literature references, article titles should be included and journal abbreviations should be those used in the Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index (CASSI)." (p. 16).

    In the ACS Style guide it's obviously without the title then.

    The ACS style has 12 dependents on our repository. Considering above mentioned point 1., should we include the title?
  • I've been told by email by ACS editor Jon Brill that all journals switched over in February 2018 to a single format that should include titles.

    You could check with an editor of Analytical Chemistry, and I can check with Jon, but I assume you can just submit your manuscript with the current ACS style that includes titles.
  • thanks, Rintze.
    Our ACS actually outputs it without titles:

    (1) Campbell, J. L.; Pedersen, O. K. Comp. Polit. Stud. 2007, 40 (3), 307–332.

    A change we then should make.
  • ah dang. It was indeed.
    Perfect. Nothing to change here then. Thank you!
  • Jon Brill from ACS wrote back: "The expectation is to have titles at submission [Rintze: for all ACS journals]. It sounds to me like that particular document is out of date."

    Let us know if the editors from Analytical Chemistry tell you otherwise.
  • (sorry, I'll try to get the visual editor updated soonish)
  • During a review of a biochem paper, the editor from Analytical Chemistry said to remove titles from the references.
  • edited November 5, 2018
    So this is a bit hard for us to navigate -- I guess we'll need to go with the editor, but with ACS's publication office telling us something different (and, in fact, explicitly requesting we remove other styles), we're in a bit of an odd situation.

    Edit: I'm curious, though, did you ask about the ACS policy which is quite explicity about this? http://axial.acs.org/2018/02/01/review-ready-submission/
  • i didn't ask about the acs policy - ended up just reformatting my references using the old zotero style. saw a recent article that lacked titles too.
  • right, what ACS is saying is that _they_ do the reformatting in house now, so published articles will still differ, but they want all submissions to all journals in one and the same style with title, i.e.
    To streamline reference styling, we will be updating the publicly available reference managers with a standard style, which will automatically include titles. Journal-specific reference styles will be applied by the journal production team after the journal accepts a paper for publication.
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