A bookmarklet to save to Zotero groups from mobiles

I have long wanted to save to Zotero group libraries from a mobile.

This is now possible with a new version of the Zotero bookmarklet that I just made:


It is alpha quality yet. (It must be that since the original bookmarklet from Zotero is said to be alpha quality yet. For those who do not know "alpha" means it is not even "beta" quality. "Beta" is a term used computer program not ready yet. :-) )

If you are interested please test and give me some feedback. (Testing on this page I just saw that I need to style the popup quite a bit more.)
  • (Just to clarify for others, this is an unofficial version of the bookmarklet, not one produced by Zotero.)
  • Hi Beogl, can you repost a copy of your bookmarklet? The link is 404ing for me.
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