Zotero for Mac: How to merge/delete duplications?


I am having some trouble finding the "duplicates" functionality on Zotero for Mac. I have a collection of references that have been imported via searches on PubMed and Web of Knowledge, and my plan is to remove "duplicate" publications that were found in both the PubMed and WoK searches. However, I cannot seem to figure out a way of doing this besides going through and individually removing the duplicate "items" from the collection, one at a time. Any ideas?

  • The should be a collection called "Duplicates" at the bottom left -- are you not seeing that?
  • There's not - simply my citation collections and then "trash". Wondering if the Mac version doesn't have it; it is present on my colleague's PC version...
  • No, there are no system-dependent features in Zotero.
    You're positive this is the actual software, not the website, right? (sorry if this is obvious, people do confuse this a fair bit).
    If so, right-click on "My Library" and you should see an option to "Show Duplicates". This is the default but may have gotten toggled off for some reason.
  • You got it with right-clicking on "My Library" - thanks so very much!
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    Is it possible to also see the duplicates list on the website (and not just in the local program)?
  • It's turning out to be a challenge to get any of the python programs to remove massive amounts of duplicates - perhaps 500.
  • no duplicates list on the website, no. Not sure to which "python programs" you're referring, but I'm not currently aware of any tools to automate duplicate deletion. The old tools I'm aware of all relied on Zotero running in Firefox, i.e. prior to version 5.
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